Privacy Policy

Thank you for choosing Jasper's online store. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us, and we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service while safeguarding your information.

Our commitment to privacy protection is unwavering. We consider it our responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of our customer's personal information.

Outlined below is our Privacy Policy, which assures you of the secure use of your data and enhances the quality of our services.



Information Gathering:

At Jasper, we gather customers' personal information to foster long-term relationships and deliver superior client services. This information assists us in understanding customer needs and providing relevant and valuable information. Additionally, it aids in our business research efforts, enabling us to identify limitations and swiftly enhance customer satisfaction.

Registration & Subscription:

Personal information is collected during the registration process, requiring customers to provide details like name, address, phone number, and email. Subscribing to our newsletters, advertisements, and promotional emails also leads to the collection of personal information. Our automated systems track customers' IP addresses and preferences based on their interactions with our website, ensuring we offer the most relevant goods and services.

Personal and Non-Personal Identifiable Information:

We typically gather two types of information: personally identifiable information, including name, email, order details, etc., and non-personal identifiable information obtained by tracking website URLs and client IP addresses. This information helps fulfill shopping orders and better understand customer behaviors on our site.


Cookies stored on customers' hard drives enable us to collect non-personal information, aiding in identifying customer preferences and enhancing site security and functionality. While customers can disable cookies, enabling them is recommended to utilize all beneficial features on our website.


We may use advertising or promotional companies that employ cookies and web analytics to measure the effectiveness of promotions. However, any information collected via cookies is not linked to personally identifiable data.


We do not knowingly collect personal information from individuals under the age of 13. Incorrect information can be rectified by contacting our support team via email or our contact form.




Personal information is used for order fulfillment, verification, providing wholesale clothing accounts, and communication purposes. It is shared with associated companies to deliver products and services and for research and customized online experiences.


We ensure the security of customer data through electronic systems, managerial procedures, SSL encryption, technical staff, and third-party security companies.



Emails, Newsletters, and Advertisements:

Customers receive promotional emails, newsletters, and online ads with their consent. Unsubscribing from these communications is possible at any time by contacting customer service or using the unsubscribe option in emails.



  • Jasper is fully committed to protecting customer privacy and ensures sensitive personal information remains secure.
  • For any privacy-related queries or concerns, please contact us via our web form or our helpline at +923218800330



  • Our privacy policy may be updated periodically based on service changes or customer feedback. Customers will be informed of any changes via direct notifications sent to their emails.
  • Jasper's Privacy Policy is subject to change without prior notice, so we recommend regularly reviewing it to avoid misunderstandings.