About Us


Jasper Officials is a women's clothing brand that stands as a cornerstone in the fashion industry. Originating in Pakistan over three decades ago, it holds a significant position among fashion enthusiasts and retailers. This brand prides itself on offering high-quality fabrics, including various types of net and chiffon, at an affordable price point. While many brands focus on casual wear, Jasper Officials stands out with its opulent chiffon and net collections designed to celebrate special occasions.

The stunningly beautiful designs that one envisions with closed eyes become a reality through Jasper Officials. The brand showcases elegant pieces adorned with vibrant seasonal hues, catering to the dynamic shifts in fashion trends. Presently, the collection primarily consists of unstitched fabrics in both casual and luxury lines. Each fabric boasts superior quality, with meticulously handpicked threads for embroidery, crafted using cutting-edge embroidery techniques. Thus, Jasper Officials truly encapsulates the essence of Pakistani women's ethnicity.


Jasper Officials doesn't merely customize women's clothing; we embody a distinctive concept. In a market flooded with vibrant dresses from different brands, we stand out with our concept-based collections. Over the years, our volumes have introduced numerous impressions, including party wear dresses.

From casual to luxury embroidered chiffons, Jasper Officials caters to modern-day clothing needs, ensuring comfort for our customers. Our various collections utilize fabrics ranging from the finest quality pure chiffon, bamber chiffon, pk chiffon, net, to crinkle.

Our collection spans kurtis, two-piece (semi-stitched), three-piece sets, sarees, lehengas, and much more, catering to every occasion, from casual wear to formal events.

Every season, Jasper Officials introduces unique designs that are never replicated. Our target audience extends beyond young girls; our attires are designed to enhance the beauty of women of all ages. The best-selling codes from each volume have been appreciated by women from diverse fields.

Whether it's a professional working woman, a homemaker, or a college student, Jasper Officials vows to serve all. Our expert designers tirelessly craft unique styles that break stereotypes. Customers have the liberty to modify designs according to their preferences, a unique privilege exclusive to our buyers, making them look distinct, trendy, and updated on every occasion.

Not only our designs but also the fabrics we use are comforting and soft. The designs, color schemes, patterns, and fabrics are neutral, making them suitable for women of all kinds.


Presently, Jasper Officials stands tall as one of the most sought-after clothing line brands. Having been in the market for several years, our brand has gained fame for its superior quality and captivating designs, largely through word of mouth. With an increase in production units and sales, Jasper Officials continually introduce new varieties to the market.

To keep our customers informed about new designs and clothing options, we have ventured into niche marketing through social platforms and campaigns. While initially based in Lahore, we now boast multiple store locations within the city. As part of our expansion plans, senior management at Jasper Officials is working on opening more stores in major cities across Pakistan.

Jasper Officials' popularity has transcended borders, reaching international markets. People across various regions show interest in our brand's unique designs. Multiple wholesalers deal with Jasper Officials in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Qatar, Oman, Sharjah, the UK, Canada, and Germany, catering to our international clientele with the latest designs.

Our brand's popularity isn't confined to Pakistan alone. We have successfully launched an international store in Sharjah that is operational, with plans to explore more international destinations shortly.

At Jasper Officials, customer satisfaction holds the utmost importance. Our pricing policy reflects our commitment to our long-term customers. As we transitioned from small-scale production to high-end products, we have always considered the interests of our loyal customers, keeping our prices competitive compared to other clothing brands operating in Pakistan.


Looking ahead, we are planning to broaden the availability of our products, with considerations for new designs, fabrics, and modern cuts soon to be launched. One highly anticipated addition is lawn fabric, for which our creative team is dedicatedly working. The encouraging response to our newly launched stores has inspired us to develop new platforms for our valued customers. As part of this multi-pronged approach, we are working on launching new stores.

Another forthcoming initiative is the introduction of a web store for convenient and hassle-free shopping. This platform will enable our online audience to review Jasper Officials' collections over the years and place orders seamlessly through our online system. Additionally, we are enhancing our customer support system to address queries and concerns regarding the brand, collections, or orders. Our social media platforms are also active channels to stay updated on all the latest volumes, offers, and announcements.